Deadlift Max Calculator - Calculate 1RM

Use our Deadlift Max Calculator to calculate your deadlift max or you can say one rep max. This calculator uses Epley’s equation to calculate 1RM for deadlift.

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Why Use Deadlift Max Calculator?

Deadlift Max Calculator helps you to measure your strength and track your progress. But again this calculation is not 100% accurate but gives you an overall idea about your one-rep max for the deadlift.

To find your deadlift max, enter the weight you can deadlift in the first box and the number of reps in the 2nd box. For example, if you can deadlift 210 kgs for 7 reps then your deadlift max will be 259 kgs. Here is an article from Fitness Volt on Best Ways to Boost Your Deadlift.

So, I hope our calculator will be beneficial for you and you can calculate your max deadlift easily.

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