1 Rep Max Calculator (Squat/Bench Press/Deadlift)

Use our One Rep Max (1RM) Calculator to calculate your squat max , bench press max, deadlift max, and much more. One Rep Max (1RM) is calculated using Epley’s equation.

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How to Calculate One Rep Max?

You can calculate your One Rep Max using the weight you can lift and the number of reps you can do. There are different formulas to calculate 1 Rep Max. Our calculator uses Epley’s equation which is one of the most accurate formulas to calculate 1RM.

This formula is as follows:

One Rep Max = Weight(1 + Reps/30)

Powerlifting athletes can estimate their 1 RM for squat, bench press, and deadlift. Being a powerlifting athlete, this calculator will help you to track your progress.




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