Bench Press Calculator: Find Your 1RM

Use our Bench Press Calculator to find your One Rep Max. Keep in mind that this bench press max is just an estimation. Bench Press Max is calculated using Epley’s equation.

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1-10 RM Table

Why Use a Bench Press Calculator?

Bench Press Calculator helps you to measure your strength and track your progress. But again this calculation is not 100% accurate but gives you an overall idea about your one-rep max (1RM).

To find your one-rep max for bench press, enter the weight in the first box and the number of reps in the 2nd box. For example, if you can bench press 200 kgs for 7 reps then your max bench will be 247 kgs.

So, I hope our bench press calculator will be beneficial for you and you can calculate your bench max easily.


How Much Should I Bench Press?

If someone is untrained he should be able to bench press 75 – 90 percent of your body weight but if you are a gym geek then the good standard will be 90 – 100 percent of your body weight.

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