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15 Easy Workouts for Beginners at Home Without Equipment

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Can’t afford a gym right now? Don’t worry; you don’t need hard or sweaty exercise sessions to gain the benefits of physical activities. In fact, workouts for beginners at home are a smarter choice when you’re just starting. Well, if the idea of a home workout doesn’t seem to excite you much, think again!

Easy exercise sessions are the building blocks for beginners to develop a healthy lifestyle and trust me; you shouldn’t be avoiding this. These workouts will surely help you get rid of that extra fat you’re carrying and would create habits that can lead you to lifelong weight management.

Most of you might think that, are these easy workouts really worth doing? Well, Of course, they are. One thing you need to know is that whenever you are engaging in any exercise, it definitely offers you immediate benefits, it improves your mood, your brain activity, and if done regularly, it reduces the overall risk of catching a disease.

So, clear out some space at your home and get ready to sweat because here are 15-easy-to-do exercises that everyone can do at their home without any equipment.

Best Workouts for Beginners at Home

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks is one of the best workouts for beginners to do at home.

Jumping Jacks are one of the best workouts for beginners at home, which targets the whole body. You should plan on keeping this in your regular exercise program as it is filled with various benefits such as it makes your heart stronger, builds up muscles, helps in fat loss, gives strength to bones, and is quite effective in relieving stress.

In short, it makes your body overall stronger, flexible by improving your stability and stamina.

How it’s Done?

Starting off, you need to keep your posture straight with your feet attached and hands on your side. Jump along with moving your feet apart and raising your arm above your head. Reverse the movement immediately and return to your original position. Repeat the following in a quick manner.

Happy Exercising!



Bridge Exercise

Bridge, an exercise by activating your core and posterior chain. Confusing, right? It is an exercise involving the backside of your body. This particular exercise is great for getting warmed up.

How it’s Done?

Well, starting with the exercise, first, you need to lie on your back with your knees bent along with your feet kept flat on the floor. Your arms should be extended by your sides. Now with the help of your feet and bracing your core, raise the backside of your body until your hips are fully extended.

Slowly return to your original position and do the same. Quite easy, huh?



Planks Excercise

Interested in building up abs? Well, this exercise is the best one for you. Plank is a simple exercise to strengthen your shoulder, arms, back, and your abs. It can be performed in many variations.

How it’s Done?

Get yourself up into a pushup position with elbows bent at 90 degrees and keeping your body weight on your forearms. You need to make sure that your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet. Keep yourself in the position as long as you can. Seems a bit tough, right? But, trust me, it’s worth it.


Chair Squat

Chair Squat

A squat is a great exercise to strengthen your legs and core, which surely will improve your everyday movements. For beginners, starting with a chair underneath will help you get hold of the exercise in no time.

How it’s Done?

To start off with the exercise, you need to stand in front of the chair, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly pointed out. After your position is set, start bending your knees, allowing your lower back to go down until your bottom touches the chair. Arms should be extended out right in front of you as you approach the chair.

Then with the assistance of your heels, push yourself up and return to the starting position. Once you master the proper form, you won’t need the chair.


Cross Crunches

Cross Crunches

Cross Crunches is a highly effective and easy exercise for abs and oblique muscles. It helps in strengthening the core and your abdominal muscles.

How it’s Done?

Lie flat on your back, and bend your knees in a way that makes your feet completely flat with the floor. Place your hands loosely behind your head. Now, twist your right shoulder bringing your elbow across your body, and at the same time bring up your left knee near your right shoulder. 

Try touching your elbow against your knee. Return to the original position and repeat using your other knee and elbow.


Knee Pushup

Knee Push Ups

An entry-level push exercise, which helps you develop strength before you start attempting a standard pushup.

How it’s Done?

Get yourself to a high plank position from your knees. Maintain a straight line from your knees to your head, start bending your elbows to lower yourself down to the ground. Your elbows should maintain an angle of 45-degree; make sure of that!

Push back yourself to the starting position; keep doing until then. 

What a nice way to build up strength, right?


Side Plank

Another simple and basic exercise for abs and oblique muscles.

How it’s Done?

Start from your side with keeping feet together and forearm below your shoulder. Now slowly raise your hip, forming a straight line from your head to feet. Keep holding yourself to the position and repeat the same on the other side too!


Stationary Lunge

Stationary Lunge

Stationary Lunge is a great and very effective exercise for your quads, hamstring, and glutes.

How it’s Done?

To start, keep your right leg in front of you. Make sure your right foot is flat on the ground, and your left foot should be on its toes. Bend your knees and Lunge until your right thigh is parallel to the ground. With the assistance of your right foot, push yourself up, returning to the starting position.

Repeat until desired reps are achieved, then switch your legs. 


Russian Twist

Russian Twist

Looking for an incredible abdomen workout? The Russian twist is an effective workout for that purpose. It helps you improve your body balance and keeps you in shape.

How it’s Done

Sit and lean back your torso while keeping your knees bent and feet elevated from the ground. Straighten and elongate your spine at 45-degrees from the ground, creating a V shape with your thighs and torso. 

Keep your arms straight in front, joining your hands together. Now move from side to side without moving your legs. Keep repeating until desired reps are achieved. Pretty decent exercise for your normal routine.


Plank to Downward Dog

Who says you need weights for shoulder exercise? This exercise will test your upper body, especially your shoulders.

How it’s Done?

Get yourself into a high plank position keeping your hands underneath your shoulders and feet close together. You need to keep your feet and hands stationary, pike your hips up and down into the Downward Dog pose. Your body should form a triangular shape with the ground. 

Keeping your neck neutral while your gaze should be at your feet. Hold yourself at the bottom position, then return to the plank. Repeat!


High Knees

Looking for a belly fat-burning exercise? High Knees is what you should be looking at, as it helps in belly fat reduction; moreover, it also assists you to work on inner thighs and outer hips.

How it’s Done?

Keep your posture straight with feet hip-width apart, and try raising your right knee as high as possible, along with raising your left arm. Apply the same move with the other leg. After you get hold of it, try pulling your knees up quickly.


Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle Crunches

Another ab exercise to the list, Bicycle Crunch. It is one of the most effective ways of building core strength and abdominal muscles.

How it’s Done?

Lie down against your back and bring your legs to a tabletop position. Bring your hands behind your head. Crunch upwards and bring your right elbow to your left knee, straightening the other leg. Repeat the same with the other leg and elbow. Quite similar to the normal Crunch exercise, right?


Dead Bugs

dead bugs

A great and popular exercise to build up core strength, it helps you improve body flexibility and balance along with strengthening muscles.

How it’s Done?

Lie down against your back, extending your arms towards the ceiling along with your legs. Now, extend your right arm behind your head and, at the same time, lower your left leg. Replicate the same with the other side once you return to the original position.


Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge is the most versatile and effective exercise that helps to improve the vitality of muscles surrounding your spinal column, which provides an improved posture.

How it’s Done?

Lie down against your back with knees bent, and make sure that the feet are flat to the ground with hip-width apart. By keeping the arms at your sides completes your starting position. Use your heels to lift your hips, squeezing your glutes and abs until your body forms a straight line from knees to shoulders.

Hold on to the position and then lower your hips, slowly returning to the starting position. Congratulations! You just completed the first rep.


Hands-Elevated Push-Up

Ready for solid chest work? A Hands-Elevated Push-Up is not too different from a traditional pushup; it is just an elevated form. 

Your upper body is elevated with support against an exercise box or any other equipment. This type of push-up primarily helps to build up chest muscles. Moreover, your core muscles should also be engaged to protect your back. 

How it’s Done?

Stand in front of your bench, place both your hands on either side of it with your finger pointing forward. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. Once your hands are positioned, step your body back into plank position and make sure your body is in a straight line.

Now, slowly bend your arms, lowering your chest towards the box. Align your arms and return to the original position. Repeat the move. 



In this article, we have highlighted quite a few exercises that you can start doing right now. The reason behind endorsing the above exercises is that according to the facts, heart disease is also among the leading causes of death.

However, studies have proven that performing exercises regularly reduces the risk of heart disease in the long term.

That is why we aim to encourage our people to take some time from their busy schedule and try working on themselves, as you are only blessed with a single life, so don’t make it difficult for your loved ones.

However, we are done making up our fitness plan, have you as well?.

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