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Top 5 Dynamic Stretching Poses for Post-Workout Relieve

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Most people are aware of the idea of pre-workout stretching or warm-up. Fitness enthusiasts talk about the benefits of warm-up and pre-workout stretching all the time. If you look it up, you will come across so many different warm-up exercises where you will have stretching and cardio-based workouts. However, when it comes to post-workout stretching people become skeptical. This is mainly because after an intense workout when you are too tired and feeling extremely exhausted you just want to leave the gym and enjoy a bath. No one wants to stay in the gym and go through the same hectic stretching process again after an already intense workout routine. However, when you leave your gym after an intense workout without post-workout stretching you are not facilitating your body in the recovery process.

Why do You need To Focus On Post Workout Stretching?

If we look at the recovery process, we will see the three most significant parts of the recovery process. Number one is diet because it will help you fuel your body and get it ready for the next phase. A second and most important part of the post-workout ritual is essential taking bath or laying down, finally the third part of the recovery process is rest. Most people focus on the diet and rest part but they do not think about the post-workout ritual. In most cases, people look at the post-workout ritual as a process to energize their body by drinking water and juices and then taking shower and changing clothes. However, they miss a very important part in their workout which is the post-workout starching.

With the help of this article, we will mainly talk about the importance of post-workout stretching and why it is important. We will also talk about some of the best post-workout stretching poses that you can try to facilitate your recovery process.

Benefits of Post Workout Stretching

Some of the main benefits that are linked with post-workout stretching include:

  • It improves flexibility

  • It helps in improving the steady blood flow

  • It is very good for eliminating the built-in lactic acid after a workout

  • It helps in boosting energy

  • It is very good for preventing the muscle aches

  • It triggers the recovery process and improves the range of motion

  • It helps in muscle coordination

Top 5 Dynamic Stretching Poses for Post-Workout Relieve

Lunge Stretch

This is a very good stretch for the lower body. You need to get into the lunge position but instead of moving, you will have to lean in to utilize the full range of motion. After that, you have to get back to the initial position without holding the pose. After this pose, you need to switch your legs repeatedly.

Cow Cat Stretch

Cow cat stretch is a very famous yoga stretch that will help you stretch your shoulder, torso to your tailbone. You have to get on all fours and then gradually you need to start moving your torso from shoulder to tail bone in the form of a wave. When your shoulder will be elevated you will see your hip moving downwards and vice versa.

Cobra Stretch

This is another very famous yoga stretch where you will be working on stretching your forearms, shoulders, backbone to your toes. You have to lie on your stomach and then lift your upper torso with the help of your forearms. Now gradually start lifting your shoulders and feel the stretch going all the way to the neck. Now, repeat the same but in the opposite direction. Your movement will start from the neck and come down to the toe.

Downward Dog Pose

This is an essential yoga pose that you have to use for completing your post-workout situation. For this stretch, you have to get on all fours but you need to aim to hold your torso a little higher.

While doing so, keep your body moving and do not hold the pose. After completing one pose, stand up again and repeat.

Prayer Pose

A prayer pose is ideal after an intense weight session. Most people feel the aches in their fingers and they need to release the pain so they keep thinking about ways to stretch their hands. With prayer pose, you will be able to open your hands, stretch the finger and then press your palms against each other.

Why Dynamic Stretching Is Better Than Static Stretching?

People are familiar with stretching however they do not know that there are two types of stretching. Each type has its significance however when you are aiming to gain flexibility followed by movement you cannot rely on static stretching only. Within dynamic stretching, you will have to move your muscle whereas when it comes to static starching you will move your muscles but then you need to hold the pose. This will help your muscles and whole body adjust easily. However, in static stretching, you will be putting pressure on your muscles which can end in bruising your muscles if they are not flexible enough.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, post-workout stretching is a very important part of the workout that most people miss out on. As a result of missing the post workouts, stretching people end up with aches, pains, and muscle strains. With post-workout stretching, you will be able to make the most out of your workout and facilitate your body in the recovery process as well. After the intense workout when you stretch your muscles, you will be helping your body in speeding up the overall recovery process. In case there is some kind of tension or accumulated lactic acid in your body, you will see all the built-up muscle tension melt with just a few stretches. This phase will also help you reduce the chance of any future discomfort and help you retain flexibility. Another very important thing to keep in mind is that you have to be familiar with the angle of stretching that suits you. Most people start with some basic stretching techniques and end up straining their muscles even more. However, the angle of stretching and the technique are vital while stretching. It is better to take expert advice and take help from a professional so you do not end up overtraining or overstretching your muscles.