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What are the psychological factors of drug abuse?

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Substance abuse and mental health are linked because the psychological effects of drug addictions including alcohol, cause changes in the body and the brain. In the careful balance of the chemicals keeps the problems in the turning inside of the body and the smallest changes will change the cause for experiencing negative symptoms. Because the risk factor for mental health and substance abuse that is completely comparable. It will attribute to the fact that is drug addiction that will cause or worsen the mental health condition of the person. In drug addiction hotline the person will get knowledge about good health importance.

Causes of substance use disorder

The exact cause for the substance use is the addiction of the person. A person’s genes, the action of drugs, peer pressure, emotional distress, depression, and other factors can be factors. Many who are developing a substance use problem have depression, attention deficit disorder, or mental problems in life. In a stressful or a bad lifestyle that is common. Children who see their parents using drugs have a high risk of developing substance use problems late in life for environmental and genetic reasons though. At the drug addiction hotline a lot of people came out of the addiction.

Commonly used substance includes

Opiates and other narcotics are powerful painkillers that will cause drowsiness and sometimes it is having feelings of well-being happiness, excitement, and joy. These drugs are heroin, opium, codeine, and narcotics pain medicines that are brought illegally. A stimulant that drugs stimulate the brain and nervous systems. It includes cocaine and amphetamines like drugs used to treat ADHD.

A person who will start requiring a higher amount of the drugs over time to feel the same effect again and again. Depression that causes drowsiness and reduces anxiety. It comes with alcohol, barbiturates, and chloral hydrate. LSD, mescaline, and phencyclidine will cause for person to see things for not and it can lead to psychological addictions.

Stages of substance abuse

Several stages of drug use will lead for having addictions. Young people seem to move on through the stages more than the adults.

Experimental use: It involves peers, done for recreational uses, the user will enjoy defying parents or having authority figures though.

Regular use: The users that miss more and more school or work, and worry about completely losing their drug source. Using drugs to fix all the bad feelings, begins with staying away from friends and family, which will change friends to new ones who are taking the bad elements. It will increase the tolerance and ability to have the drugs regularly.

Problem or risky use: The user will lose motivation, it will not care about school and work. It is obvious that with behavior changes, the person will start thinking about drug use that is more important for him than other interests, including relationships. The user will become more secretive, it will begin with dealing drugs to help support the habit. Using the harder drugs that will increase and legal problems that may increase in life too.

Addiction: The person who will not be going one day without having drugs, denies the problem.


In the substance that uses disorder for serious conditions that will not go to easy for treatment. The best care and treatment that is required for having trained professionals. Treatment begins with recognizing having problems. Though denial is a common symptom of addictions, people who are addicted with far less denial if they will get treated with far less denial if they will get treated with empathy and respect for people. The substance that will either that slowly withdrawn or stopped abruptly. It will support physical and emotional symptoms with staying drug-free is key for the treatment though. After joining at drug addiction hotline people can get over all the addiction and get proper treatment.

People who have drug overdoses will need emergency treatment in the hospital. In the withdrawal of the substances that are present in the environment where good support is available. Detoxification will be done, inpatient or outpatient. Many times, another drug that has similar actions that affect the body is completely taken, and the dose is slowly decreased to reduce side effects and the risk of withdrawals.