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First Aid Simplified: Embracing the Power of the 3 Ps

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First Aid is the most crucial skill that everyone should learn in their lives. If you are stuck in any emergency, it becomes very difficult to think the other way around. But if you have trained yourself to handle such inevitable situations, you can try all the best ways to cure the patient in as many ways as possible.

There are several ways by which a health associate has to take care of the injured, one of which is known as the 3 Ps of First Aid. Accidents and emergencies are non-predictable and can happen anytime and anywhere. That is why everyone should know the basic ways and techniques of First Aid by which they can rescue a person for as long as an ambulance takes time to arrive.

Having the knowledge and skills in the medical field will help you in your life and save others. Let us know the importance and value of the three Ps in our day-to-day life. What measures need to be taken when we are stuck in a circumstance, and how are the three Ps essential in saving one’s life? Read the full guide to know about First Aid three Ps.

The three Ps of First Aid

The three First Aid Ps are Preserve life, Prevent intensifying, and Promote recovery. The three Ps are an acronym that refers to the responsibilities of a healthcare worker, which is needed in an accident place. 

As easy as the full forms of these acronyms are, the work of the three Ps is easy, but it completely depends on your skills and knowledge of how you manage to handle the situations. This section covers the explanation part of the three Ps. Go through them thoroughly. 

Preserve life 

Preserving the life of the injured is the top priority of a First Aider. In today’s date, everyone must have knowledge of First Aid and be up to date with all the healthcare guidance. The perseverance of life starts with a CAB protocol. The CAB stands for:

  • C – Circulation

Circulation refers to the blood flow in the body of the patient. You have to check the pulse and heart rate of the injured and measure the circulation. If it sounds abnormal, try making it normal by rubbing his chest and back. 

  • A – Airway

Check if the patient is breathing normally. If not, try giving air via the mouth and placing any cloth so that you maintain hygiene protection as well. There is a proper technique by which you can give the EAV(Expired Air Ventilation). The internet serves many related topics. you can check there as well as in a First Aid book.

  • B – Breathing

When you see the injured person check the way he is breathing. In some critical cases, the First Aider needs to give CPR to the patients. CPR is a technique in which the health aid applies pressure on the chest of the patient and pushes with both hands. If you want to know about the entire process, you can apply for online or offline courses and get training on First Aid

Prevent Intensifying

A health aid should always be quick with their actions. As said, keeping a First Aid kit with you is mandatory to apply the required medications adequately and stop the wound from intensifying. 

Try all the possible ways in which you can help the wounded get a bit of relief until the professionals arrive and undertake the patient. Whether it’s a small accident or a big one, you should always be prepared.

Promote Recovery

When a patient is bleeding or has got critical injuries, the main thing that he needs more than anything is the assurance of his life. While assisting the victim, comfort him by giving positive results and expressing things like, he will recover soon, his wounds will heal with time, and he doesn’t have to panic. 

A single sentence of positive assurance can make the patient halfway healthy. If you have good training or have gained proper knowledge of First Aid, you will know the value of positivity on every step while assisting a patient. 

Three Ps – Main Objective Of First Aid

The main objective of First Aid is to save a life, avoid any type of accidents and encourage staying on the safer side and keeping others as well. Here’s a small briefing on why the three Ps are called the main objective of First Aid. Keep reading.


The three Ps play a vital role in the concept of First Aid. Preserving someone’s life will make you feel overwhelmed and proud of yourself. For instance, you encounter a pregnant lady on a road with huge traffic. Her condition is critical, but you see, there is no way out of that crowd. If you have got training and have experience in your skills, at that point of time, you become a savior. By learning the skills to preserve someone’s life, you stay safer and contribute to a vital roleplay in helping others in times of need.


Keeping a First Aid kit with you is always helpful. Accidents are unexpected and can happen anytime and anywhere. Be it a small injury or a big critical accident, as a First Aider or healthcare associate, you can try your best to save a life. You can keep equipment, medicines, and creams and take the box with you according to your needs. A person who carries the First Aid kit with himself is never afraid of becoming a helping hand. No matter how critical or okay the situation may look, an equipped person turns out to be a saver in all circumstances. 


If you are a First Aider, you can share your experience and the advantages of carrying a First Aid kit. Being equipped with medical resources makes you stay on the safer side and helps create awareness of one’s safety. Seeing you being available with maximum medical equipment will also create awareness in other people’s minds. You can advise or share thoughts about First Aid and medical emergencies, adding importance everywhere, whether in the home, office, school, or road.

Who Should Absorb The Three Ps?

According to the upcoming news and daily accidents, I suggest everyone get trained in the skills of First Aid. Everyone should know about the significance of the three Ps in accordance with First Aid. At home, a child should be taught and make him do the activities that become useful for him in the future.

As a First Aider, you will undertake the situation rapidly in those inevitable scenarios. For all the same, life is precious to everyone. The ones who need to absorb the three Ps as a crucial part of being on the safer side are:

  • Drivers
  • Vendors
  • Paramedics
  • Colleagues in office
  • Everyone in school
  • At home 


In this article, you have learned about the importance of the three Ps in the concept of First Aid. Keeping a kit along with you will always be beneficial as well as it will help you avoid any circumstances that are unlooked. I hope you liked it and this article helped you be more prepared and cautious in any situation.