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Top 5 the Best Gyms in Plano, TX

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Fitness always remains a dream. Your body needs a workout to boost your energy level. So, if you are looking for a gym to perform your workout in Plano, Texas, we have compiled a list of 5 the best gyms in Plano, TX.

Best Gyms in Plano, TX

Here is the list of the top 5 best gyms in Plano, TX.

  • Harter Strength and Conditioning
  • Body Machine Fitness Plano
  • Hardcore Fitness Plano
  • Metroflex Gym – Plano
  • North Plano CrossFit

1. Body Machine Fitness:

Body Machine Fitness which is the best gym in Plano, Texas.

Body Fitness Machine is the best gym in Plano, TX. BFM is the most suitable spot for a  great workout with fun and all-time music there. Their class has two main sections: A cardio section and a floor section.

For sign up you can contact the main desk also for your convenience they have applications for your phone. Through their phone application, willing ones can easily get signed up. They have the facility of a free first-week pass to monitor their incredible gym system. The schedule for classes mainly consists of 12 classes per day. Members of the gym have to pay monthly. They also have Class packages that have longer expiry dates with the facility of sharing with other people but they are relatively expensive.


“Amazing workout! Love literally all the instructors, extremely friendly staff, clean, and beautiful facility, and always a good sweat. Highly recommend.” – Stephanie

Location: 6153 Windhaven Pkwy #130, Plano, TX 75093, United States

Contact: Official Website | Phone: 214-396-8585

2. Harter Strength and Conditioning:

Harter Strength and Conditioning is a highly ranked gym in Plano offering you to avail yourself of this opportunity to improve your quality of life.

They are providing the following services:

  •  Small group training: $25.00 to $199.00

You can get real workouts and fun in the form of a group. The best workout and Top-grade coaching. In small group training, they teach you as a team and force every single person to fulfill his requirement. Two main classes: LIFT, a barbell-based strength, and HIIT, an intermediate class.

  • Personal training:$179

A personal coach will be available to you for proper supervision. and motive. In a reasonable range, you will jump out to your dream composition of the body in a short time with the toughest workouts.

You can also get a free trial before you sign up for membership.


“This place is AWESOME!! The type of gym from before everyone decided that weights needed to be made easier; proper equipment, tons of if, lots of space, well thought out.” – daniel

Location: 8412 Preston Rd #425, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Contact: Official Website | Phone: 972-520-4053

3. Hardcore Fitness Plano:

Workouts are intended to maintain body composition and fitness. Hardcore Fitness embraces you, guides you, motivates you, and eventually, you will experience the best workout. They are supportive, friendly, and motivated enough to motivate you. Beginners who have never visited a gym will feel at home and will be served the best they can. Here you will experience the best workout. Hardcore Fitness group has a developed system where you are provided an ultimate partner. With complete training and motivation of trainers, it will help you to achieve your best after every class. 

They have the following categories.

  • Boot camp
  • Fight camp
  • Booty Camp
  • Personal training

If you are feeling risky you can get a free trial for the first five days to endure the best gym experience with amazing nutrition tips and complete health guidance. Their membership starts from as low as $59 per month.


“This gym has really transformed my life for the best ❤️ I can’t thank them enough great support team.” – Miriam

Location: 3115 W Parker Rd Suite 335, Plano, TX 75023, United States

Contact: Official Website | Phone: 214-394-1418

4. Metroflex Gym – Plano

Metroflex gym which is one of the best gyms in Plano, TX.

As you know that all progress takes place only when you come out of your comfort zone. Metroflex Gym is one of the best gyms in Plano where everything is finely balanced with great equipment and trainers for personal guide and group training as well. You can have 24/7 access to the training facility.

This gym has been built to offer an atmosphere to provide serious training to all members to achieve their dream success. Services include Weight loss, physical transformations, contest development, diet, and nutrition guidelines.

Their membership starts from low as $42.95/month plus an initiation fee of $40. If you are just visiting the town, you can get a guest pass for $15.


“I’ve been to a few different gyms in town, and so has my wife. We both really like this spot. Best equipment that keeps up and well kept up facilities.” – Cornwell

Location: 2701 Dobie Dr #200, Plano, TX 75074, United States

Contact: Official Website | Phone: 972-423-9647

5. North Plano CrossFit:

North Plano Crossfit is an inspiring supportive and fitness-achieving community. It provides the best program where effort will bring you to achieve real success. It is located in the Shops at Legacy, Plano’s premier residential spot. They have wondrous training staff who will push you to the next level and are friendly and motivated. They have a reasonable membership charge:

  • On single day visit, you will charge $25 and you have a choice 3 day passes available at $50
  • Members should be 18 or above 18 at least to get registered. 
  • 3 months commitments are paid and you have to pay 100$ early cancelation fee.


“Great studio with a fantastic, laid-back vibe. Truly the best full-body workout. At least in my opinion. All of the coaches are very supportive.” – Casey

Location: 7202 Bishop Rd, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Contact: Official Website | Phone: 214-490-4140

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